Freshly Reborn: The Journal Trivia: Voices of Feminism
Written by
Renate Stendhal
April 2012
Written by
Renate Stendhal
April 2012

I am excited to share the news. Trivia -- one of the major feminist journals for women's writing, has found new editors and a new life.The first issue, Spring 2012, has a focus on south-western writers and poets, with gorgeous photography; there are critical essays on the late great writers Adrienne Rich and Christa Wolf (also presented here, on She Writes), Monique Wittig, Gertrude Stein, and a video interview with belle hooks. You will see in one glance the originality of this woman-oriented approach to a journal. It's as much sensual and emotional as intellectually stimulating. Trivia is waiting for VOICES -- and for She Writes voices!

In 2011, Monica Casper and Julie Amparano, faculty members at Arizona State University, became the new co-editors of TRIVIA. Here is a bit of history, told by them: 

TRIVIA: A Journal of Ideas was born in 1982 out of a group of women thinkers and writers in Western Massachusetts who met every other week to discuss literature and philosophy in a feminist context. It went on to become an international, award-winning publication that endured for over a decade.

Almost thirty years of feminist activism have passed since the founding of TRIVIA in its original version; despite our gains, the war on women, in all its overt and subliminal forms, has continued and even accelerated. So has the war on the non-human world, and on the earth itself. We believe that "a place where women's ideas can assume their original power and significance" is more needed now than ever.

The new TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism was founded as a public forum for the creative and critical thinking of that great diversity of women who insist on our primacy, and who in league with and in the name of all the other endangered species on this planet, refuse to accept the life-destroying status quo. May we find the forms we need to meet the urgencies of this time. And may we encourage each other.

You can find earlier issues in the Archives, guidance for submissions, and a new blog. 
I have been submitting articles to TRIVIA in the past and am proud to be part of the reborn journal as well.

Here is a taste of the editorial:

Julie Amparano and Monica J. Casper

Just last year, it seemed that TRIVIA’s venerable status as a longstanding voice for radical feminist thought and discourse would be ending. Our Spring 2012 issue—the first under our editorship—is testament to the resilient and enduring spirit of feminism, and to the broad recognition that TRIVIA is a living artifact of the Women’s Movement. Like you, we believe this historic publication is just too damn valuable to let die, and we are indebted to outgoing editor Lise Weil for gracefully handing us the reins.

Most recently located in the Northeast at the U.S./Canada border, TRIVIA has a new and fitting home in the Southwest. It is being reborn on desert terrain renowned for its restorative qualities and natural beauty. Out of this often parched and outwardly uninhabitable landscape, majesty and tenacity abound, particularly at this time of the year. Already, the stately saguaro cactus – which flowers every year regardless of rainfall levels – is in full bloom with pristine crowns of white and yellow flowers. Like the desert flora, TRIVIA, too, has blossomed again.

It is fitting that TRIVIA has found a home here at precisely the moment when some say Arizona has become a laboratory for regressive laws and extralegal practices that threaten long-established tenets of equality, civil rights, and social justice. In 2010, the “whole world” watched as the passage of Senate Bill 1070 inspired a wave of protests, national and international economic boycotts, and copycat legislation targeting our nation’s largely powerless immigrant communities. Just as TRIVIA was born during the injustices of the second half of the twentieth century, the journal is again at a historic epicenter, bearing witness and offering creatively inspired testimony.

Our inaugural issue spotlights Southwestern Voices with nearly a dozen pieces by writers from the region, as well as from across the United States, Mexico, and the border. Here, in addition to gorgeous photos of the American Southwest by Heather Nicaise, you’ll read a story-poem from Cuernavaca, prose and verse from Texas, a stunning memoir of Monique Wittig in the desert, a reflection on aging and physical fitness, and the aching words of Barbara Mor writing about murdered women and girls of Ciudad Juarez.

Trivia Voices—our general features category—includes a tribute to poet Adrienne Rich, an interview with feminist and critical race scholar bell hooks, a critical essay on Gertrude Stein, poetry by Ellen M. Taylor, Heather Nicaise, and Harriet Ellenberger, and translations of Israeli poet Shez by Elliott batTzedek. In Trivial Lives, Lise Weil shares her passion and grief for Christa Wolf, who died in 2011.

We’ve also added a blog to the website called TriviaComm (“A shared space for communication, community, commitment, commentary, commingling, communion, and more.”) Not only will the blog allow us to better connect with our readers, but it will also allow readers to speak directly with us. We hope you’ll visit the blog and share your thoughts about our inaugural issue and the many to come.

The original mission of TRIVIA was to create a “place where women's ideas can assume their original power and significance.” That mission lives on in the Sonoran Desert.

Con gratitud y paz,

Julie and Monica

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  • Kerina Pharr

    Thank you for sharing the history and news of rebirth of Trivia, Renate. I am
    From western mass originally and was excited to hear about a feminist journal started so near where I grew up. Can't wait to check out Trivia!