Am I Supposed to Introduce Myself?
Written by
Jennifer Waite
April 2012
Written by
Jennifer Waite
April 2012

I'm Jennifer.  I'm a 35-year-old wife and mother of two and recovering political blogger in Washington state.  I fancy myself a writer more than a blogger, and humorist more than a writer.  I laugh at my own jokes.

I have a son with autism, so that's one of my main beats.  My other beats include marriage and family, unapologetic pop culture drivel, crime and my current love of weird news.  My google alerts include "cannibalism" and "Larry King".

My turn-ons are the walk back to the car after I drop my kids off at school, driving in the rain while cranking Bob Seger and being alone.

My favorite living writer is probably James Frey.

I just started an etsy store where I sell vintage mid century housewares and home decor.

I'm a cradle Cubs fan and unsure if I could emotional handle a World Series win.

I get through parent-teacher conferences by imagining I'm Gus from Breaking Bad.

I have no respect for proper grammar or the AP Stylebook.

Gary Busey threw garbage at me once.

I lose respect for people who don't respect Bob Dylan.

Let's be friends

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