Fatty fatty Two by Four!
Written by
Michelle Russell
March 2012
Written by
Michelle Russell
March 2012

 Fatty fatty two by four...can't fit through her own front door!!  That's how I felt for the past couple of weeks.  Honestly, I'm just trying to have some humour with my chubby self that can't fit into my fat clothes from last year.  Ya I know, I'm pretty, I'm fun, I'm not fat, and all those other empty things that people say to make you shut up!  I'll stop it, but come on....we all feel like that once in a while. Give me a break!!      OK, so I just slapped myself out of my feel sorry for myself mode.  It's sooo dramatic out here in my little Libra world. Lol! So just put up with me for a bit!!

     So, about a year and a bit ago, I was hit with dangerously high blood pressure.  To treat my on the verge of a stoke condition, I have to take medication.  I've been able to whittle down to a very low dose of each. I'm thankful for that because they have unpleasant side effects and make me feel sick, sluggish, and dizzy.  On a good day I'm just tired.  As one of these lowers my metabolism I have gained weight over the past year.  I don't like that.  Mind you putting on weight is always fun getting there, but not so fun to take it off.  I need to lose about 17 pounds...and I'm not telling you my goal weight.  Well OK. I weighed 120 lbs when I met my man friend.  I'd like to get back there.  I felt good, and I looked good.

  My cute clothes don't fit....and I have lots of those!  This muffin top that's turning into a whole torte, is zapping my energy, my style, my sexy girl date nights, along with my flirty sense of humour!! Like come on....who wants to flirt with the gal in the Mom jeans?!?! Not me!!

     So for the last month I have been on a not so consistent high fibre diet.  It's working.  And I have to say that I actually like this way of eating and I feel great!  I always try to eat fairly healthy and I have to watch my diet so my blood sugar doesn't get out of whack, but what has made the difference is to actually keep track of my daily calories.


     I downloaded this app called My Fat Secret....yes...it's not secret anymore people!! I'm fat!! Lol!! Anyway, this app is great, and you can get it online also.  There's tons of recipes for everything, and it's very easy to use.  I set my weight loss goals on their and poof!!  I was ready to start!!  I love it!! Since I'm very undisciplined when it comes to many things in my life, this made it easy to be accountable for my food intake.

         The hardest thing for me is to force myself to work out.  Once I'm at the gym and start on the treadmill I love it.  It's just getting there.  So I'm going to start back this week at the gym to build back my muscle mass.  Ick...I just hate it though.  Even my work out duds don't look good anymore.  What happened to ME!!  I'm buried under 17 pounds of chicken wings and sushi...and maybe lots of Lebanese food!! In my little 5"2' body, that's a lot of poundage to gain.




Me, in shape, 3 years ago.

 My goal is to look like this again!

     I also manifest a lot of my things in life, so I practise regular meditation and visualisation of my goals and hot body self.  This makes a big difference when it comes to the speed at which you will reach your goal, and it sets a subconscious mind set that sets your whole system into gear to reach that goal.

     Whew!!  Well thanks people for letting me dump my fattilicious complaining on ya!  Let's turn this around.  And really, I am just being dramatic...which is, of course the norm in Libra land.

     Truth is I'm very happy.  Even with the extra weight I still feel fabulous...most of the time.  Even though we go through things in life that change our outer appearance, it doesn't change who we are on the inside.  Also, we have the power to change what we don't like in our life.  Our environment, our job, friends, people, lifestyle, and appearance.  No matter what circumstances you are in in life, you hold the steering wheel. 

 Always strive to be your best self.  It doesn't matter what others think, or how "good" or "bad" you have it. Treat yourself well, be kind to yourself, and give yourself credit for even the little goals you reach. 

     Don't forget...you're not alone.  Whatever goal you want to reach, or problem you're going through, there's always support out there, and people who can relate to you.  So always strive to be your best self and surround yourself with those who truly love you.  

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