Music and Writing Go Hand in Hand
Written by
Dianne Baines
March 2012
Written by
Dianne Baines
March 2012

'Yes but what is my talent?' I can remember asking my mum this question occasionally as I grew up. She always said that each of us had God-given talents and that one day they would become obvious. Well I waited and waited. MY brother was an exceptional pianist and my sister sang country songs, they were both very talented. Me? I was just me. Nothing I did struck me (or anyone else) as particularly talented.

Here I am fifty years young and I think I may have discovered the meaning of the word talent. It is something that you enjoy doing, something that make you feel happy and productive. It is something that  you have to do. A part of you is missing if you don't do it.

I wanted to write from the time I was a little girl. I have to write. Stories crowd my mind and want to get out on to a monitor. I want to meet people and use them in my stories. I want to learn about things people have done so I can write about them too. It is my passion. Yes it is my talent. Something else that I learned was that we hand down our talents to our children. I have 4 sons, one writes and acts, the other makes IT systems from scratch, the third one writes as well-- as for my youngest well he insists that he is Batman so I guess that he has many hidden talents. God bless them all! 

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