Five Questions About Michele Harvey's Poetry Fan Page
Written by
Elisabeth Kinsey
March 2012
Written by
Elisabeth Kinsey
March 2012

As promised, my second feature today: Michele Harvey and her Poetry Fanpage: Poetry for Living an Inspired Life 


Why start a fan page as a poet?



I recently wrote a self-help book called, From Confusion to Clarity. The book blends genres as it includes narrative non-fiction with poetry interspersed. It occurred to me that a facebook fan page using some of the poems included in the book would help generate interest not only in the book but in me as an author and personality. Some of the poems I’ve included are based on the same theme, which in this case is applied spirituality.




What is an inspired life?


I call my fan page, “Poetry for Living an Inspired Life.” I believe an inspired life is one in which a person feels they can and do  make a difference in the lives of others and can help make the world safer, more peaceful, and sustainable through their thoughts, words, and action.  An inspired person can cultivate and express their unique talents and abilities. An inspired life is a life of meaningful purpose in which a person believes they deserve to reach their dreams. An inspired life is a life of courage, determination, and faith in the glue that holds life together. A person who believes they can turn poison into medicine is living an inspired life. A person living an inspired life is not a victim. She knows that she and everyone else is part of the Divine or the glue that holds life together and that we truly are all one.


 What is the most challenging aspect of keeping a poetry fan page?


The most challenging aspect of keeping a poetry fan page for me is that I have to be more prolific than usual. Most fan pages contain frequently updated content. The more often you update your page with high quality content, the more your fans will look at your page and possibly share it with others. I can’t complete two new poems a day but I try to post a new poem daily or every other day at least, without ever skipping more than two consecutive days. My fan page is narrow in scope in that it contains my original poetry only. I don’t feature other writers on the page and I only post spiritually inspired poems. The page requires a lot of my time and attention. I use images with each poem though the images are not mine. This means I have to locate the image, credit the photographer (if the source is listed), and match or juxtapose the image with a particular poem. In addition, when fans comment on my posts, I make it a point to respond to them. This makes them feel part of the page, which of course they are. My fans are the most important part of my page.  By acknowledging their input, I encourage their continued participation.  The challenge is to keep the page alive and fluid. It isn’t enough to have a page that a million people like, if no one visits, comments, or shares the message in the poems and images.


 What is your process for writing poetry? 


My process has changed a lot over the years, and even more over the past year in particular with my decision to write only positive and inspiring poetry. What I have been doing is asking to be divinely inspired and to have a poem come through me. Then I meditate for 30 minutes before I write. When I open my eyes, if nothing comes to mind, I start writing anyway and just write the first thing that comes to me. In most cases, a poem comes through right away with little effort. Sometimes, it requires time and effort to edit a poem that seems to get stuck on its way through. I know most writers say they do their best work early in the morning but for me, the time of day has never been particularly important. The advantage of early morning meditation, though, followed by writing is that I get the work done without getting side-tracked.


Do you have to reach out/advertise to get fans? What is the best way and why?


I am a novice in that my fan page is only two months old and I am still learning the ropes. That said, I currently have 512 fans, which is not too shabby for a little known poet, yet it is about half the number considered successful by business standards which aim for 100 new fan page “likes” per week.  I have built my fan base in a number of ways. First, I contact spiritually oriented folks I know and other writers. Through searches of other facebook pages, I have also connected with other like-minded pages and have “liked” their pages. Most pages allow you to periodically share related content from your page on theirs. This greatly increases your exposure. I also encourage my supporters to share my posts on their personal pages. Since I use wonderful photographs, more readers are inclined to share my work. When their friends thumb up the post, I then send a personal email invitation, inviting them to visit and become a fan of my page. I don’t pay for advertising but I am highly active in promoting my page and it is a time consuming endeavor.



Michele Harvey!/PoetMicheleHarvey

As a poet, inspirational writer, and journalist, I have undertaken this poetry project to promote positive change in today's world. The subject matter of this page deals with living a consciously and intuitively inspired life.

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