New Facilitator for the Submission Mission chats
Written by
Nichole L. Reber
March 2012
Written by
Nichole L. Reber
March 2012

After participating for six months, April marks the first month I’m officially taking over the reigns as facilitator for the monthly Submission Mission chats.

A lot has happened since discovering the chats: my first piece as a literary writer was accepted. The ninth cloud is mine to ride as I await the actual publication of “Burqa to the Loo”, a memoir about the liberation found in wearing hijab in an orthodox Muslim neighborhood in Mumbai. The piece will publish in mid-April, according to my editors. 

How do you get from staring it in a Word file to seeing it on a literary web site? Persistent, patient submitting.

Much of my success is due to SheWrites. SheWriters have helped edit and polish my work. SheWriters have critiqued  submission cover letters. SheWriters have been substance to write about. SheWriters have exposed me to new journals, recommended some to submit to, shared editors' contact info. 

Let’s see what I can bring you as ringleader of our monthly chat. Everyone is welcome to join. You don’t have to yet be published. I do hope you’re submitting, though. If you’re an editor, take a front row seat, please. In addition to our monthly submission goals, our tactics, our recent disappointments and successes, here are some other notions to entertain.

  • Consider submitting to Brevity’s special upcoming issue. This nonfiction journal presents Ceiling or Sky: Female Nonfictions after the VIDA Count. Those of you who attended AWP may have heard of this, especially if you’re a nonfiction writer.
  • Discover yet another means of determining which journals are suitable for your submissions through this Writer’s Relief article.
  • If you too have to remind yourself occasionally not to take your sh!t too seriously, here’s a bit of humor from Ploughshares.

Now, please direct your attention toward your calendar. Mark off one hour beginning at 330 PM EST, right here on SheWrites, on Friday, 6 April. Get your cup of tea (or wine), put the Do Not Disturb sign on your office door, shut off Facebook and Twitter and log in to SheWrites. We’re in the “Main Room” tab on the bottom right of your web page. We invite your questions, facts, suggestions, self-promotion, and news of journals, agents, or publishers.

Where will your writing be in six months?


Nichole L. Reber is a sobering architecture journalist. Though she still loves space design, she switched over to the literary side of the menu last year and has branched out to write about art, travel, and people. Follow her on Facebook at Nichole L. Reber, Twitter: @NicholeLReber, and through her blog: ArchitectureTravelWriter.

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