A place of one's own

Do you have a place to go to get away from it all - to write, to dream, to breathe? 

Some of us don't have the option of escaping our daily lives for long, or at all, really.  And we must make do with the snatches of peace and silence and reflection that we can snag here and there.  I try to write when the kids are in school, or after they are in bed.  Sometimes I write with them hustling and bustling around me.  But I wonder what it would be like to escape for a few days or weeks, to write . . . with no one laying any claim on me but myself . . . so that I am free to put my dreams down on "paper" (digital) without guilt or distraction.

I follow Neil Gaiman via his blog and on Facebook and Twitter, because he writes about the writing experience and all the little abnormalities he encounters or considers, that somehow feed into his creativity.  Recently he finished up a sojourn in Kentucky, in some isolated area, just writing.  Apparently, even the great Neil Gaiman occasionally loses his writing mojo and must look for it in a quiet, sheltered place.  I believe he's back home now, but I've enjoyed reading about how he tried to lay low and remain incognito, while the locals talked about that "odd British fellow."

Here's a passage from his blog that I found heartening for me, as a neophyte novelist.  Perhaps you will all find it as encouraging as I did.

Some Thoughts on Writing, and Driving in the Fog, and the Usual


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