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  • Intentional Insights - New Motherhood and a Near Life Experience
Intentional Insights - New Motherhood and a Near Life Experience
Written by
Kelley Harrell
March 2012
Written by
Kelley Harrell
March 2012

Hello Kelley-
Immediately following the birth of my son I had an eclamptic seizure. I had another two hours later, at which point I was medically sedated and put in intensive care for my son's first night of life. I feel there is a spiritual lesson to be gained from this experience, but I'm having a hard time accessing it. Since then, almost two years ago, I've had a difficult time feeling as in-tune spiritually. It's hard to tell if that's just new motherhood or tied to the seizures. Any insight would be so helpful! Thank you, E

Thanks for your note, E. I commend you for examining your experience at a deeper level, when new motherhood is already a challenging life change. Seizures and coma are acute experiences of soul separation, or "soul shelving' as I often find it. It is natural for aspects of the soul to wander in and out. Through this unconscious travel our consciousness expands. However, sometimes soul aspects that need to return can't. That's when chronic imbalance sets in, and is where physical, emotional, and spiritual dis-ease manifests. more

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