In The Blood (if you write long enough and often enough, guess what happens?)
You can find happiness here. You really can!

I just figured out something indisputably awesome.

Here it is:  I have pressed myself into a hard-core edit of The Time Minders.   I am rolling through it.  It is tiring and tiresome, but there are two positive things that have come out of it.  1.  Today was Sunday and I haven't had a chance to write/edit.  As a result, I'm actually having story-withdrawal.  I actually want to get back into it.  It's not work; it's life.  2.  While I'm editing, and going back through my writing for the umpteenth time, I still see things that surprise me in there.  I still see things where I say, "Wow, that's not half bad."  (Of course, I also see things like, "What the crap?  That needs to be fixed big time!)

So, I'm gonna go and write before the pizza comes.  And I'm gonna enjoy it.

For those of you who are writing for a living out there, consider that the more you do it, the better and better and better it feels to do it - until it's in your blood and you cannot get it out.


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