Playing in the Sandbox
Written by
Laura Brennan
March 2012
Written by
Laura Brennan
March 2012

Wow.  What a fun week!  Thank you to Kamy and Cait for giving me the chance to play in such a fun sandbox, and to everyone else for playing with me and my passion for pitching!

Here is a quick round-up of the stuff I posted, in case you missed anything:

For Poets:

Interview with Poet Margaret Young

For Screenwriters:

Interview with Producer Suzanne Lyons

Interview with Writer/Director Lisanne Sartor

For Short Story Writers:

Interview with Writer Colette Sartor

For Playwrights:

Interview with Playwright Jennifer Maisel

For Everyone:

Talking for Writers


Call it Style

Loglines Become You


I'll keep tossing around ideas about loglines and pitching on my blog here, because that's what I do.  Happily, my strength and my passion co-exist when it comes to helping writers talk about their stories.  When you're ready to pitch your work, my website has articles and instructions and worksheets freely available, so please have at:

Thanks for a great week!

- Laura

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