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  • I Knew Her When (What people will think of you when you become a best-selling novelist.)
I Knew Her When (What people will think of you when you become a best-selling novelist.)

Here's some fun for Friday-eve:

Consider how you imagine people will remember you once you become famous.  For some reason I thought about this today.  If (oops, when) I become a famous best-selling author, I wonder how the people I hang out with will think of me . . .

"Oh my goodness, look over there! On the red carpet! Isn't that . . . no, can't recall who she is . . ."

My elementary school gym teacher:

"She just wasn't very athletic, which was a real shame, considering how sporty her brothers were."

My 7th/8th grade English teacher:

"If it weren't for me, she wouldn't be the grammarian she is today."

My school bus driver:

"Her road was too bumpy."

My (favorite) high school teachers (who know who they are):

"She was a delight."

My (least favorite) high school teachers (who no doubt also know who they are):

"I wonder who she had to pay off for that!?"

My college advisor:

"She was headstrong, and a bit opinionated."

My graduate school advisor:

"I taught her all she knows."

My co-workers at my dad's grocery store:

"You do know she spent quite a bit of her time reading The Weekly World News and eating the tootsie rolls at the checkout counter, don't you?"

My co-workers at the newspaper:

"Wasn't she that know-it-all who kept trying to do all of our jobs?"

My co-workers at the literary council:

"She wrote a book!  Yay!  We love reading!"

My co-workers at the college:

"Just read her novel(s); I could do better."  [Just kidding, guys.  I love you!]

My students (who passed):

"I was her favorite!"

My students (who failed):

Choose one:  "Who was she?"  or "That [email protected]!"

The church youth I lead:


My many ministers over the years:

"She put WHAT in her book???"

My daughters' teachers and principal:

"Oh, she's that lady who couldn't seem to get her kids to school on time, isn't she?"

My family:

"Just as long as she dedicates one of them to us . . . "

My pets:

"Whatever.  Feed me."

Your turn!


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