I recently dreamed that a man with a red spot on his face mentioned me in a speech shortly before he died. When I awakened, I was puzzled. But I soon realized that it doesn’t matter whether I know a man with a red spot on his face or not; dreams don’t have to make sense. In fact, they hardly ever do.

Nobody believes dreams are anything except the imagination running wild, or the way the mind releases tensions after falling asleep. There has been dream study for many years, but, to this day, there is no accepted biological explanation to answer the question, "what are dreams." So, we just laugh as we share them with friends and family – and then they are forgotten.

However some of us, especially children, choose to believe that dreams actually do come true – the good ones at least.

When I was about ten, I had a dream in which I saw myself riding a shiny blue bike. I was smiling and obviously happy. When I awakened, I lay in my bed thinking about the dream with pleasure for a long while, but finally dismissed it and went on with my day. My birthday was only a few days away and I hadn’t asked for anything in particular. I was blessed, as an only child, to have most everything I wanted or needed. But when my father came home from work one evening, he said, “I want you to walk down to Keefer’s with me.” Keefer’s was the only hardware store in the small town where I grew up, and it wasn’t unusual for my dad to take me places with him, so off we went for the three or four block jaunt to Keefer’s.

Once there, my dad led me straight to a section where they had a few bicycles set up. My eyes were immediately drawn to a blue one with the name Mercury on the front of it. I’ll never forget the name because, I mispronounced it... “Oh, look at the pretty, blue McCury!” I said, and my father laughed.

“Try it on for size,” he said. I jumped right on, so excited I could hardly contain myself.

“Oh, it’s just right. I love it!” I fairly squealed.

With a most satisfied look, my father paid the cashier and I rode the shiny blue bike home~ as per my dream a few nights before! I’m sure I was the happiest kid in town that day.

Believe it or not, some dreams really do come true!


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