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Written by
Mohana Rajakumar
March 2012
Written by
Mohana Rajakumar
March 2012
Today I will be hosting a virtual event through a new platform called Shindig.  I will be talking about the various publishing options available to writers and hosting an interactive Q&A around self-publishing e-books. 

It's a large-scale video chat that lets you give live video presentations, share pictures, and music with a room full of people.  You can either write in a question or raise your hand to be called on plus video chat with anyone at the event.

If you go to the following link at 2pm EST/9pm in Doha, you can talk with me, ask questions, and hear insights on my books and writing career.

Many of you are already very indie publication savvy so I appreciate your passing this on to friends who are trying to get started as writers.

Event link:
Time: 2pm EST/9pm Doha (GMT+3)

Hope to see you online soon.

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