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Written by
sandy steele
March 2012
Written by
sandy steele
March 2012

My dog Susie says

What's the world coming to?

It seems to me that our country and the world is in a dubious position. As a smarter than your average dog, Border Collie, I feel that my observations do have a little merit. First, why is everyone so dang angry? It can't just be the upcoming elections, is it? And why are different religions so mad at each other. Didn't they all start out by basically believing in a God that loves? Animals don't hate each other and only kill for food. Where are we heading and can anything be done to change our course for the better?

One of my Big Mommy's favorite sayings is “If you want to know what's going to happen in the future, look at the past.” So that led me to Google. Now our country sort of resembles the Roman Empire of thousands of years ago. For hundreds and hundreds of years Rome ruled the world. Then it fell apart. Why?

First, by trying to maintain their occupation of so many countries and land, it made everyone mad at them. Second, the taxes on paying for the armies to maintain control helped create two distinct classes of citizens. The wealthy and the poor. Third, because the average citizen was becoming frustrated by their diminishing lifestyle caused by taxes and such, they became very despondent. And the rich were so bored that they cried out for “free” entertainment. This resulted in the Colosseum having weekly events where gladiators slaughtered lower class citizens and all types of animals. How gross is that? If this happened today, would it be broadcast over cable and YouTube? Just think of the ratings and hits. So have people really come that far in evolution? Seems the animals still only do bad things to exist, while humans do “bad” things for entertainment, politics or religion.

Now Sandy, my Big  mommy, is the eternal optimist-cheerleader type, so she feels more positive about things than me. She sees a world that, because of electronics, is now totally connected. Bad behavior, no matter where it occurs, can be identified and altered if possible... hopefully peacefully. Anyway, she's lived a lot longer than me so I hope she's right. Time will tell.

The creation of America was against all odds and unexpected. Our country changed the way things were done around the entire world: how people could control their own destinies and government. Didn't matter if you were black, white, man, woman, rich or poor, a human could become something they dreamed of. After America's independence,  France's independence followed a decade later. Then more and more countries around the world became independent and free. Lately, the Middle-East is finding freedom for their individual citizens. The Soviet Union became Russia, a land of  freer enterprise, and look what's happening in China today. Freedom and hope is spreading all over the planet with a little help from us and our strong beliefs in freedom and individuality.

Now we seem to be at a crossroads. One path leads to the same events as the collapse of the Roman Empire. The other road leads to an unbridled explosion in human connections and positive feelings spreading around the globe: The hopeful result:  “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All.”

Since I'm just a dog, I think “goodwill to all” should mean ALL living things on Earth.

Catch you later,

Susie & Sandy

P.S. Here's a “Singles” ad that ran recently in the L.A. Times.

SINGLE WHITE FEMALE  Seeks male companionship..looks not important.  I love long walks in the mountains and lying naked on the beach. Rub me the right way and I'll do anything. When you get home from work, I'll meet you wearing nothing. Hug and kiss me and I'm yours forever. Lassie xoxo

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