Naked in a school bus
Written by
Lizbeth Meredith
March 2012
Written by
Lizbeth Meredith
March 2012

Today I took the plunge.

Thanks to the courage that's been slowly building inside me, I finally linked my website to my Facebook. 

No big deal, you say?  

I know! But there's something scary about putting one's self out there, especially in front of  siblings and some of my distant friends who didn't know I'm working on my book's final re-writes.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've had a recurring nightmare that I'm entering a school bus. In the dream, I'm the only adult in the bus. As I head up the steps and walk towards the back of the bus, my clothes seem to just disappear. There are whispers all around me as the kids comment about my state of undress. And I am mortified.

I've noticed I have this dream at times when I'm feeling vulnerable and alone. Applying for a new job. Just before taking a standardized test. Prior to making a presentation at staff meeting. It happens once a year, at most. But it's awful.

Today I voluntarily stripped myself down, but due to the support of writers around me, I'll bet I dream that I'm still wearing a swimsuit this time. 

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