Taking Writing Seriously.
Written by
L. A. Howard
February 2012
Written by
L. A. Howard
February 2012

I haven't been on SheWrites in some time, nearly a year.  But I have been making positive changes to my dreams and goals.  

For one, I started taking Paxil again in October of 2011.  Up until then, I'd been off of it for a year and a half...and wasn't doing very well.  "Depression" doesn't begin to describe it, but "Just plain nuts" is about right.  

For two, after I got back on that little pink pill, I started doing creative things again.  Since it was Halloween, I actually bought some supplies and made a Halloween wreath, just for the fun of it!  I'd always wanted one, but spending $20 at Target for one just seemed a bit....pricey.  So, I went to the dollar store, got a small wooden wreath (which they were selling because Christmas starts in September now), discovered some black spray paint I'd bought ages ago, found some pretty ribbon, clipped a few old plastic roses, and voila!  

Halloween wreath!

I like my wreath a lot better than the black-feathered mostrosities at Target anyways.  And it cost less than $10 to make!  (After taking said picture, I took said wreath down and sprayed it with more black paint, but never took another picture!  LOL!)

After making a few other, less well-done Halloween decorations, I thought about NaNo, and how I'd never really taken it seriously.  I'd always know I could do 50,000 words in a month if I really sat down and put my mind to it, so I decided to do NaNo...and do it seriously this time.  

And what do you know?  I actually did it!  

But now, I've gotten frustrated with my writing, and could use some help.  After NaNo ended, Christmas threw me for a loop, and it's been difficult to get back on the horse ever since.

I've bought Scrivener (which I got 50% off of the software as part of winning NaNo), but now every time I look at the stories I want to work on, I'm full of self-doubt.  Also, I may or may not have developed carpal tunnel.  (More on this later.)

I'm hoping that being in a community of other writers will help with this.  However, since I have both The Lady Expounds and Hectic November, I most likely won't be blogging here much, except on things that directly relate to SheWrites and such.  Maybe use it as more of a promotional space, and less of a thought-sharing one.  :)

But, we'll see how it goes.  XD

~Liz Alexander~

P. S.  I changed my handle from L. A. Howard to my real name, for ease of folks connecting me with my other online social networks.  I do like the name "L. A. Howard" as a writer name, but it isn't going to work for folks who are trying to find me online.  :)

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