On The Radio
Written by
Joanne Tombrakos
February 2012
Written by
Joanne Tombrakos
February 2012

One of my most favorite parts of the journey I've taken in the last several years is all the great new people I've gotten to meet, on-line and off-line, who share similar interests.

One of those people is Lori Randall Stradtman who I heard speak last year at BlogWorld. Lori is an expert on social media and is currently writing a book entitled, Online Reputation Management for Dummies. Who won't want to read that?

I was honored when Lori invited me to be on her radio show, Literary Social. Which is where I am today. So stop over and listen for a bit. I get to dish with Lori about self-publishing, selling, The Secrets They Kept and going for what makes you happy.

p.s  I dare you to be able to figure out which voice is from New York City and which from Georgia!


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