Rantings of a Teenage (soon-to-be) Novelist
Written by
D. A. Smith
February 2012
Written by
D. A. Smith
February 2012

No experience,




Sure you could try, but there's no money in writing, sweetie


I've heard that from every family member, high school teacher, guidance counselor, and stranger in my life. Oh, a creative writer, hmpf.


How are you planning on feeding yourself, later? It's funny to think that only adults can have all the fun writing their novels which includes: editing, revising, dealing with the pub. house, and... wash, rinse, and repeat.


However, I think that as a youth there's a vibrant, untamed wilderness and burst of excitement that comes with being able to write, sell, and publish an awesome novel.


Seeing one's name in print seems like the most exciting thing ever; whether the novel is amazingly entertaining or just a bland fan fiction version of the hottest bestseller.


Teen writing, in general, is supported by organizations such as the Young Arts Awards in NYC and Miami, as well as the Scholastic Young Artists Awards in NYC. Just send in an excerpt, cross your fingers, and wait for the letter.


I haven't published a novel yet, that will change soon.


I have big plans.


I want to see certain things that have never been tried before in regular novels. I'm tired of British wizards, and sparkling vampires. Also tired of sadistic Emo related stories and slow paced "I ran through the woods and a monster/mist/darkness was following me" novels.


Also does every teenager on planet earth need to be paired up in a novel, married by eighteen, and knocked up before twenty? What about the teens who are single until thirty-five? What about a princess who wants to travel the world and not do the wedding rings and stretchmarks thing?


Don't get me wrong, that's what's selling. Everyone wants a pregnant teen in their novel (of course not everyone), or at least a vampire. But what happened to the other one million genres?


Science fiction has been murdered and dragged out with the trash, only certain writers seem to give two squirts about the seriousness of space travel, time travel, inter-dimensional warfare and the like. What about New Age? I don't even know what New Age is. (Will someone write some New Age novels for me? I'm serious)


What are teenagers doing that seem remotely exciting in real life.... I don't know texting? Adventure novels are okay too, sure a distopian universe where every child must be strong willed and witty in order to survive tasks that most people would die in immediately. That makes a good movie instantly, but not really my taste. Distopians are like the latest craze next to skinny jeans and studded belts.


Diversity now this is an exciting thing, I want to read and see more in novels. Where is the diversity in novel writing? I love the blue eyed; platinum blond characters, the Mary Sue; adorable brunette; I even enjoy the extremely beautiful, elegant, and skinny girls.


But where are all the saucy ladies, the plump ones, the freakishly tall ones, the colorful ladies? Is everyone in a novel more beautiful than the average Miss America contestant?


What about the girls who fall on their faces and get gross nose bleeds, or the female werewolf who doesn't end up mated to the alpha, because she smells like a wet dog? 


Wait... am I ranting again? Darn it!


Okay, I digress, this is ranting. There's no order to what I'm saying.


I want to write a novel. Simple as that.


One that I would love to read.


Something that will rip me out of my mundane life in front of a laptop, cell phone, TV, latest vampire novel, and all the other (lack for a better word) stuff.


The only person, who can satisfy my hunger for teen reading so far is..., me. And with my imagination, a sprinkle of fairy dust, some inspiration, and mini-education from SheWrites, my name will one day be on the cover of a nice jacket sleeve at a BN.

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