Book Promotion Without Guilt
Written by
Jolie du Pre
February 2012
Written by
Jolie du Pre
February 2012


If you're big on book promotion, chances are there may be days when you feel guilty about it. Worst, fellow authors may be contributing to your guilt. I've read about situations where authors get annoyed with other authors for being heavy promoters.

However, what is the one thing I notice about the heavy promoters? They're successful at what they do. Their books sell, and they get a steady stream of royalty checks because their books sell. Some are even writing books full-time.

Of the three anthologies I edited, two of them I heavily promoted.  One of them, due to whatever was going on in my life at the time, I didn't. The one that I didn't advertise heavily sold the worst.

I know, from experience, that promotion works. You can create the book; the book can get accepted, but if you stop there, you're taking your chances.

This is the year I become a published novelist. My novels,The M Series, published by Logical-Lust, are coming soon. Litria is my first book in the series. It's a book I've started promoting even before it's published, and I will continue to promote it. It will be book promotion without guilt. As far as I'm concerned, as long as I take the time out of my schedule to promote other writers' books, I will have no hesitation promoting my own.

Promote yourself but also promote others. That's the way to do it.

What are some of the top ways to promote your book(s)?

Lea-Ellen Borg
Night Owl Editing Services

I met book editor Lea-Ellen through the Paranormal Romance Guild's Facebook group. She says, "One of the best ways to promote a new book is by networking."

I agree.

I communicate with Lea-Ellen in a couple of Facebook author groups, including Paranormal Romance Guild's. I find these groups incredibly useful for meeting fellow authors, getting writing, editing and publishing tips and for book promotion.

The last two horror books that I downloaded on my Kindle - Blood Related and Aberrations: Horror Stories - were books I learned about on Facebook from the author or the publisher.  Had these individuals not promoted their books on Facebook, I would not have known about the books, and I would not have downloaded them.

Wanda St. Hilaire
Author of The Cuban Chronicles, A True Tale of Rascals, Rogues and Romance

I met Wanda St. Hilaire in Puerto Vallarta Writers Group's Facebook group. My husband and I visit PV every year, although we have not visited in the last two years. While there, I've been able to attend the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group meetings. Says Wanda, "The number one way I've promoted my books is events: theme launches, readings and working at weekend markets. I find people love to talk to the author about a book they're interested in."

Jolie du Pre
Author of The M Series

As for me, my number one way to promote is using Facebook, Twitter and Google+. (Pinterest is gaining steam too.) Basically, if you're an author and you're not on at least one major social networking site, you're missing out, big time, on promotion. Facebook and Twitter are my main social networking sites, and they have proved to be tremendously helpful to me and my books.

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  • Jolie and I also met through networking. So, it just goes to show again the power of that activity. Great article!


    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}