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Written by
Laura Brennan
February 2012
Written by
Laura Brennan
February 2012

Upfront, let me tell you I love this guy: Joe Konrath, self-publishing wizard, in-your-face blogger of all things useful to the writer in the age of e-books.  Read his column.

But read this first.

He writes here about how he does a lot of publicity and rarely sees any spike in his book sales from it.  The reason?  He has become known as the voice of self-publishing; the readers of his blog - and his annual hits number in the millions - are writers, not readers.  Readers don't care about the publishing industry; they don't read the articles in which he's featured, they don't follow his blog.  He has created an incredible, strong brand for himself... but it's not one that sells books.  His brand is not one that reaches his target customer.

Does that mean he shouldn't have done it?  Not at all.  I, for one, value his advice and pass it along all the darn time.  We writers would be much the poorer if he pulled down his shingle and went home.  And I don't want to imply that there's no value for him in being the one to whom other writers turn for advice.  I hope he gets a lot out of it, both personally and professionally.

But it's not moving his widgets off the shelf.

So here's my advice to you: think about your brand, not just in terms of your passion or your expertise, but also your audience.  What is your vision for yourself?  Who will buy your wares and what can you offer them that will bring them into your circle?  How can you tweak or expand your brand to reach both your peers and your customers?  You want to move widgets; there's no shame in wanting to make your business a financial success.  If they really were widgets and not books, no one would think twice about creating a brand specifically to help people discover and buy them.  So put on your CEO hat and take a good look at your brand and your customers, and how you can make the one more appealing to the other.

And then go read Joe's invaluable blog.

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