Nom de Plume

I was thinking of creating a nom de plume to market my recent steamy romance novella.  I thought that I had created the perfect name - Vivienne Vance.  It wasn't until I shared it with my husband that I realized that Vivian Vance was Ethel Mertz.

Today, I tried out Blythe Tanner.  My best friend said, "Gwynth Paltrow's mom?"  (Her name is Blythe Danner).

So it's back to the search for my nom de plume.

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  • Teicha Hill Mailhes

    Well, I've finally chosen Vallory Vance as my name.  My second choice was Lacy Sampson.  Lacy was the unfortunate first name of my great-grandfather! This naming process has been great fun.

  • Fran Lee

    There is not a name out there that hasn't been used by someone else. LOL! I use my real first and middle names, yet I found about 20 others who use my pen name as a stage name or a nom de plume. How disgusted I was to learn that my most famous namesake fought for the Chicago "pooper-scrooper" act that forced dog owners to carry shovels and poop bags when they walked their dogs. Snort!