The Dream
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February 2012
Written by
February 2012

Dear Friend,

There’s so much light and I’m the center of attention…yes normal issue but this is weird, I feel so cold within like there is darkness around. I can’t move very well, there is something on my face. What’s happening to me, where am I? Wait am I in a hospital….that’s not possible, a minute ago I was in my classroom…no, that didn’t really happen right, the explosion, please tell me it didn’t happen; that guy in the corner did he do this to ‘us’? Why isn’t anyone answering me….Mummy, Erica…am not died right (touches self) ok am alive but am talking right why isn’t anyone listening to me, I haven’t turned dumb, have I? I know explosions have various effects especially chemical ones, yes it was a chemical explosion something to do with sodium. Someone should answer me please.

Thank God the doctor is here, what is he telling my mum? Ok Sarah try to sit up….my side hurts….no am not listening to them what do they mean by I can’t form words into sounds anymore, so what they are telling me is that all the words I have learnt in the past five years of my life, I can’t say them out loud and now am crying perfect!

Crap this alarm clock, it’s time to wake up and I had the dream again the same one I had for the past 4 years…just a different part of the whole story. Wish I could tell someone about it but I can’t, it will just give them a chance to lie to me once more and am tired of that, everyone I know thinks I had amnesia and can’t remember what happened in the first five years of my life, they should have known I was too smart for that. Well expect my bodyguard Joe (who I miss so much) and the doctor who diagnosed me with amnesia…ironic right! I told him before I left the hospital that I that I never forgot and I will be back for my face. Ha! my face my own face is in Italy and am in Nigeria, it feels like I lost my whole identity and I keep thinking about how my life would have been right now if all those things never happened.

It all seems like am existing rather than living right now, like am just passing through time but trust me am not, the experience just made me deceptive and I keep thinking about it cause I loved that life and it motivates me to find the man who did that to me, my friends and sister.

Yes, I still remember the man in the corner.



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