Get Diversified: No Money Needed


Over the years I have gained a few friends of different races, ages and cultures. I must say I have learned quite a bit from them. I did not set out to get a Caucasian friend or a Hispanic friend or even an older friend. However,  my goal was  to have quality people in my life. I wanted  to expand my circle and  I have been pleasantly surprised as my friendships  have grown.

As always, my goal is to learn and when I learn I can share it with others. I have come to appreciate each culture for their individuality and our similarities. I can say that we, meaning my friends and I, are more alike than we are different. I have learned to listen and use parts of each culture to enhance my life and the life of my children so we can contribute to society.

This is what I learned:

  • To put family first. My friend reminded me as I was going through difficult time to focus on my family because that is my strength. I learned to spend time with them and turn off all distractions (TV, Internet, Telephone, and Cell Phone) at least once a week.
  • To remember to speak softly and calmly to my children. This is a trait that I will teach my children through my actions and they will reciprocate the same behavior.
  • To engage my children’s thoughts about school and politics. This allows me to understand who they are as individuals.
  • To smile.  Smile  as often as possible when dealing with my children. This reminds them that I am  delighted to see them  and have them around.
  • To be mindful of what I feed my children. Knowing what ingredients are in the foods we eat can ultimately change their life and mine. I have learned to read labels and find alternatives to things I don’t feel are healthy for us.

Having a diversified portfolio of friends makes me a better  person. I become an example to my children. My children can’t believe in diversity and not see it in action. My friends and I talk openly about race, politics, religion, age and class. We don’t always agree but we listen and that is the biggest lesson to my children- to learn from others, listen and understand someone else's point of view.

My family and I  richer and better for all the lessons and experiences I have gained with this group of friends. I am leaving a legacy of love and understanding that my children will inherit.

Let's be friends

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