The Blurbs
Written by
Kara Shaw
February 2012
Written by
Kara Shaw
February 2012

I recently watched the movie Limitless about a writer who takes a clarity drug. I would take that drug if it was real. Novels would be written, words would be on paper, brilliance would abound. Last night I had to justify my profession as a writer to my husband. I blame the tax accountant. We sat in his office on Saturday and it went something like this:

Him: "Now, what is your profession? Are you still in admin?"

Me: "No. I'm a writer."

Then I got that look. You now that look. The one that says, "oh, you're unemployed."I quickly said, "Just put retail," and felt a bit sheepish. 

So back to my justification.

I live in a smallish community, and the minimum wage is about 2 dollars less per hour than we are used to, as we moved here recently from Oregon. I've taken part time jobs here and there, and getting a full time job at $8 per hour is a for the most part competitive, not to mention just ridiculous. We share a car and when my part time job didn't pan out last month, we decided that my financial aid from school, my small checks from the magazine, and his income were enough to sustain us and save gas. I decided it was time to publicize my website and really work hard at trying to make it as a Writer. Writer with a capital W. Writer as a profession. Last night, hubby asked me why I was always "blurbing." I had no idea what he meant and he said I post a blurb here and a blurb there, but where is my novel. Where is my writing? After my initial defense mechanism of becoming offended by this wore off (I work very hard every day to create thoughtful and witty articles), I pulled out every notebook in my vicinity and showed him my writing.  I really did pull out 4 notebooks and my tablet. I have scribbles of novels here and there and everywhere. I am a hot mess when it comes to putting my "writing" together. I don't want to be a blurber, but I am one. I blurb bits and pieces of my novel into whatever handy piece of paper I have, even napkins if it's all I can get my hands on, and then I leave them around hither and yon. That does not make a Writer with a capital W.

I had to do something to fix this. I opened up my yWriter and started putting pieces together. I had so much information in my head about what I wanted in my book. I did character creation, location design, I even added bits I hadn't written down before, and never knew I knew about my characters or my story. I was really proud of myself. I went to bed feeling like I had not only justified my profession to my hubby, but to myself as well. Now, I just need to keep the ball rolling and continue to stay out of the blurbs. I think I may use this space to track some of what I learn. Stay tuned.

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