Word City Studio: Found Language
Written by
Rachel Aydt
February 2012
Written by
Rachel Aydt
February 2012

Out of our Word City Studio collaborations, sometimes an appreciation for inspiring fragments would hit suddenly. For Kathleen Sweeney, this would often translate into a video doodle of sorts. Says Kathleen: "NYC is one of those places you can never fully know. First of all, it's too big. That's the obvious part. Then there's the ever-changing nature of the architecture. Something new is always under construction. But even on those streets you think you know, even in those grid-sequences you think you've passed through to etch on your proprioception, the map sometimes shifts. Last week I came upon a Freeman's Alley, the site of a new-ish gallery, Salon 94 Freeman. I found it because of a photo exhibition...portraits of LA and Bay Area homeless against blinding sunlit walls by Katy Grannan...but what intrigued me most of all was this wall outside full of found graffitti and some hidden words. Word City Studio opened our eyes to the power of found language. It emerges from urban backdrops in the most unexpected places: a sliver of graffiti; a chalk drawing captioned by a stranger."

[vimeo clip_id="23312941"]

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