Social media for authors

by Sherrie Wilkolaski

Let’s get real about social media.  It’s like exercise, right?  Not everyone is as focused on their social media footprint as they would like.  It takes time and effort.  So I thought, why not do it together.  I ran this blogging campaign at Infinity Publishing and it was a huge hit, so I'm bringing it here to  This is your opportunity to make some viral waves in the world of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a variety of other mediums that makes sense for us to better build our brand as authors.

Are you ready to maPhoto courtesty of Alex Hindske your mark?   

Here is the challenge, to increase your social media footprint and build your online platform via a variety of social media and online resources.  Each day I’ll post the “challenge” of the day on our blog and you can work along with us.  If you don’t know how to use Twitter, Facebook, etc. I’ll walk you through the process.   

Say, “YES!” to the Social Media Challenge!  We’ll work together to support each other in this simple and fun marketing experience.  Great way to market your book and all you need is less than 15 minutes a day to make it happen.   

Here is how the Social Media Challenge works:

  1. Follow my blog each day, starting tomorrow, January 31, 2012 and stick with me for the next week.  I'll give you simple instructions on what your social media task is for that day.  It’s going to be super easy and if you’re not social media savvy, don't worry, I'll give you step by step instructions.  Everything you need to bring in the New Year with a viral marketing edge and be better prepared to market your book.  So what kinds of things will be doing? I may ask you to simply send out a Tweet on Twitter to promote your book, or post a message to Facebook to promote your book

  2. Enjoy your new found social media skills, exposure AND the cross-promotion that I'll be giving back to you!

This promotion is also in partnership with Infinity Publishing, so you'll be sure to get added exposure on their site as well.  We will give you the same amount of exposure that you give out.  If you follow-us on Twitter, we’ll follow you back.  For every post you put on Facebook, we’ll give you one post back.  It’s all about exposure.

It's much more fun if we work together. Join us here, tomorrow, Friday, January 31, 2012.  Are you up for the challenge?  Post YES in the comments below to let us know you're participating.


Photo courtesy of Alex Hinds

Original version of this blog posted at Infinity Publishing.

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  • J.D. Rothman

    Day 4: Set up Facebook page and "like" Infinity Publishing.  Genius way to promote your book.

  • Elaine Fields Smith

    I checked it out and wasn't impressed. Hype, I everything else. Looked like it is a publishing company wanting to get your information. If they're legit, don't know.

  • Kathy Bowman

    those things happen - see connies note

  • Dawn Blume Hawkes

    This update came out today on shewrites, but the challenge began, January 31st???  Revised date? If so, when does it begin?

  • Connie Cockrell

    I found her blog by clicking on the Follow link at the bottom right of the comments.  Then, it took me right to the blog.  I found the whole history of the blogs on this topic.  Once there, click the Follow Me link at the bottom of the page to get notified of a new blog post.

  • Patricia Sands

    Yes, I just saw it now too and would have definitely been interested in participating. Why the delay?

  • Elaine Fields Smith

    This just showed up on SheWrites, looks like we're halfway through the 13 days, how do we get the info? Great offer, help!

  • Katherine Harms

    How are we going to do this? I don't see any way to register. I got this notice from She Writes today, 2/7, and I thought there should be days of prompts to catch up on. I see nothing. ????????

  • Caryl

    Follow your blog here on shewrites? Is there a way to sign up for email alerts when a new blog post is published? I have too much going on to remember to come here and check.

  • Kathy Bowman

    Hm... cool idea, but already started.... wish I'd seen earlier.