Guest Post #7: Take it To Go
Written by
Julia Barry
January 2012
Written by
Julia Barry
January 2012

Creativity used in tandem with the power of community is what makes the social web tick, and what is usually the most rewarding way for each of us to share, promote, correspond, and learn online. 

This week's cross-section hints that there are as many ways to personalize our social tech use as there are goals we're pursuing. I hope you enjoyed this week's posts highlighting inspiring ideas, people, and organizations online, and have taken some nuggets "to go" that you'll incorporate into your own motivation, brainstorms, and work.

What ways of engaging do you find the most exciting and useful? What new thoughts about social media interaction popped into your mind this week? Did you post more or differently to She Writes or Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other sites? What experiments did you try? Did new questions emerge? 

Because of course, diving in, reading, thinking, and asking questions can lead to more questions--which I find healthy and exciting, a sort of salt scrub for the creative process!

I value the flow of questioning and dialogue as a way to inspire new thoughts and projects, to create awareness about issues, to promote understanding between people, to learn and teach, to read and write.

In order to set out space and time where we can continue these conversations, I'm hopefully going to be starting Tech Concierge Desk, a weekly social media/tech advice column on She Writes.

Feel free to suggest topics and ask questions! Anything related to social media and technological gadgets is fair game--we're talkin' from how-to's to strategy and beyond. What's on your mind?

Julia Barry is a feminist Web and Social Media consultant and musician.

Feel free to contact her via SheWrites or find out more information on

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