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  • Guest Post #5: Jennifer Pozner Amplifies WIMN's Voices
Guest Post #5: Jennifer Pozner Amplifies WIMN's Voices
Written by
Julia Barry
January 2012
Written by
Julia Barry
January 2012

As you can probably tell, I'm really big on the internet as a platform for activism, especially for women. Women across the world who never would have been able to meet can now organize as communities. This means they can brainstorm, complain, organize, critique, help, encourage, and act together--like we do on She Writes!

She Writes knocks my socks off because it's a safe enclave of support for women writers, and an attack on sexism in the wider world, giving women the tools they need to write and succeed in publishing.

WIMN's Voices Blog does a similarly heroic thing, inserting women's voices into the media conversation while critiquing female portrayals and women's involvement in broadcast media. 

So in today's post, I want to highlight the writers at WIMN who use the internet as their megaphone and connecting wire, and especially the woman who began to harness the collective power of women writers online way back at the beginning, Jennifer Pozner.

In addition to corralling a group of top-notch bloggers, Jennifer curates the WIMN's POWER Sources Project which "provides journalists with a diverse network of female experts," organizes media literacy and outreach efforts, and is herself the author of articles, essays, and a book on reality TV, Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TV. Jennifer is incredibly active on the social web as well; conversing with around 2,000 Facebook friends and over 9,000 Twitter followers, Jennifer is an awe-striking--and yet totally accessible--fount of information and feminist inspiration!

I'm continually glad to learn from Jennifer and know she's at the helm of this important work. This recommendation of her brilliance and hard work comes solely from me, with no encouragement of any kind. Visit WIMN's Voices Online!

Connect with Jennifer:

Site: wimnonline.org

Twitter: @jennpozner

Facebook: facebook.com/jennpozner

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jenniferlpozner

Fired up about women in the media? Found something interesting, disturbing, or exciting on WIMNonline.org? We want to know what you have to say! 

Julia Barry is a feminist Web and Social Media consultant and musician.

Feel free to contact her via SheWrites or find out more information on www.JuliaBarryProductions.com.

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