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  • Guest Post #3: Share This! Deanna Zandt's Book Gets Us Going Online
Guest Post #3: Share This! Deanna Zandt's Book Gets Us Going Online
Written by
Julia Barry
January 2012
Written by
Julia Barry
January 2012

Yesterday we got psyched about the power of curiosity. Now let's get that curiosity interacting online with a book by social media guru and zany feminist, Deanna Zandt: Share This! How You Will Change the World with Social Networking.

Deanna is one of my favorite and trusted people to get information from because she's smart, ahead of the curve, and totally beats to her own personality drummer.

She's creative and authentic in her approach, and in my opinion, has helped validate the idea that authenticity is crucial online.

I'm recommending her expertise and book completely of my own volition. Let's get to it!

Connect with Deanna:

Site: deannazandt.com

Twitter: @randomdeanna

Facebook: facebook.com/deannazandt

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/deannazandt

What do you think? I'd love to hear about books that help channel curiosity with technology, people whose social networking advice you value, and techniques you use to push creative motivation into action. Or maybe you have some comments, quibbles, and thought bubbles about all this. What's on YOUR mind?

Julia Barry is a feminist Web and Social Media consultant and musician.

Feel free to contact her via SheWrites or find out more information on www.JuliaBarryProductions.com.

And don't forget to check out her new tech goodies for SheWriters!

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