From Sausage to Sexy
Written by
Michelle Russell
January 2012
Written by
Michelle Russell
January 2012

      Ok, so I've made a super commitment to myself to do more clean eating and work out at least 3 times a week.  It seems that I've been a bit commitment phobic with this. BUT...I'm on my way! I 've gone to the gym twice this week and feel fantastic, and I've acquired an eating clean magazine and have made 2 of the recipes in it and we all like it.  I do love eating healthy. I've never eaten bad but I just like food too much. lol! So switching up some of the ingredients to make healthy veg dishes is no big deal at my house, it's just getting back into good habits.
     So here's me at the gym. You have to understand that the reason why I've gained almost 17 pounds over the past year and a half is because I have acquired high blood pressure that shoots up to the stars at random. Thanks mom!! lol! So I haven't been able to exercise and the medication I'm on makes me feel yucky sometimes, so I just don't want to work out. So, even though I'm very comfortable with myself and really like my new found huge boobs, I felt better when I was thinner and had more energy. So I've set out to find my old body and fit into my old hot clothes.
     Well, I get to the gym and start out on the treadmill. I always love being in motion. I manifest and balance my energy on the treadmill. I love it! After about 10 min I'm just flying. But of course this time I decided to check the heart monitor which I never do because I just don't want to know. It was past the fat burner, past the cardio, up so high I was hoping it meant I was at the super fat fry mode. I think it was the "do you have your defib near by" mode so I slowed down and decided to do the weights. I love strength training.  I used to be in super six pack shape before my blood pressure fiasco. My workout was a huge success and I left the gym feeling like I conquered the world. Yay!


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