It's Friday and it's Crazy
Written by
Vicki Batman
January 2012
Written by
Vicki Batman
January 2012

Things are a-hopping and a-changing at my house. Boys moving around. Handsome coming home from a 2-day trip.

Geez, when is a girl gonna write?

Fortunately, I've mostly been putting touches on a funny short story, "Raving Beauty." It's about our true love being in front of our noses the whole time. A theme I like.

I like to write short stories, quickies, novellas. The story moves faster and there is no sagging middle. Finding a place to sell them is a little more challenging.

So one I'm particularly fond of I entered in a contest. Here the information and if you feel compelled, please vote for mine:

To vote, simply go to this website at:

Click on Short Story Contest

Vote for your choice for #1

One vote per email address please.


Thanks, Vicki

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