She Writes Video Moment #13: #OccupyCollaboration
Written by
Kathleen Sweeney
January 2012
Written by
Kathleen Sweeney
January 2012

Filmmaker Audrey Ewell and her partner Aaron Ailes are collaborating on a crowdsourced film project about #Occupy Wall Street called "99% (The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film)". As I write, they have pushed past their original goal of $17,500, so success is now a given.

Check out their video on Kickstarter, where they now have 10 hours to raise funds beyond their budget nugget to manifest this gem of an idea at an even higher level...


So what does this have to do with writers? Well, for starters, the movement exists in language memes that have not gone away despite the tendency for the spin machines to churn out daily fodder for the ADD crowd. It Occupies Ideas. And, as evidenced by this expansive (if complex) possibilities of crowdsourcing a documentary, the possibilities for collaborations among writers has been integral to the success of this social change movement as well. From tweets, Facebook updates, article shares and visits to the Occupy sites, creative word mavens have been part of the mix from the very beginning. Alternet is celebrating their first book of essays on the #Occupy Movement The 99%: How the Occupy Movement is Changing America, which "reveals how in a tiny park, a bold idea broke through to broad public consciousness: that regular people can take on the entire economic and political system." The book features essays from Alternet staff writers and editors including Tana Ganeva, Sarah Jaffe, Lynn Parramore, Sarah Seltzer, Adele M. Stan, Kristen Gwynne, Lauren Kelley, Julianne Escobedo Shepherd as well as Eve Ensler, Naomi Klein, and Amy Goodman.

For those in the New York area, Alternet will be hosting a celebration Book Party at the Galapagos Art Space on Wednesday Night, January 18th...Hope to see you there!

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  • Kathleen Sweeney

    Thanks so much for the information about OccupyLanguage/Occupy Poetry! I love this idea of transforming podium readings to community exchanges of ideas and fire gathering...and so glad this community helped you reconnect with the filmmakers...

  • Sarah Sarai

    I met Audrey and Aaron at one of the Poetry Assemblies, when Zuccotti Park was occupied. They were filming and asking intelligent questions.  I will use this posting as one way of getting in touch with them.  Occupy Language/Occupy Poetry (facilitators of the Poetry Assembly) is having a Poetry Assembly at the Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery between Bowery and Bleecker in New York City on Thursday, January 26, 5-7:30. It is free (thank you, Bowery Poetry Club!). Each poet will have three minutes. I hope Audrey and Aaron join us. I hope you all join us. This is not a reading, but a community.   ... Sarah