Writing on Time
Written by
Regina Y. Swint
January 2012
Written by
Regina Y. Swint
January 2012

This is my first post of the year on my blog at www.ryswint.com, my author site.  Just wanted to share my thoughts here as well.


Six days into the new year means I'm late with my gratuitous post of reflections and ponderings of the last year.  Worse, I've tried to write this post 3 times over the last hour, and my connection keeps dropping.  Worst, I'm too stubborn to rewrite it in a Word document so that I won't lose it again, just in case I run out of time before the NEXT inevitable dropped connection.  This is some bullshit.

But, then, that's what I get for being late as hell and being stubborn.  And have the nerve to be impatient.  This is what happens to a writer with tons of ideas that she can't write down fast enough, and can't remember once those ideas have gotten tired of waiting to be put to good use and escaped her chaotic head space.

I've written some great stuff on here in the last three attempts, and lost it because of some fricken fracken computer glitchy nonsense, which, by the way, I pay way too much money to be going through.  Now it's gone forever.  Much like time itself.  The gift that doesn't keep on giving.

It is a gift of opportunity and chances (like the chance I'm taking that this shit won't drop me again); of decisions and circumstances, often of my own making; of situations, often of my own choosing.  It doesn't come wrapped in a nice shiny bow.  And despite my best efforts, I cannot save it in a pretty little box or bottle for later.

As time passes, I'm passing right along with it.  I get it.  I got it years ago, but something about this time of year brings it back to the forefront of my mind.  And I know I'm not the only one.  I just posted my thoughts six days later.  Time.  Only less of it.

Time is borrowed, much like credit.  Eventually it runs out.

I changed the name of this blog to "Writing on Time" because all cliches about time are true.  It slips into the future, waits for no man, heals all wounds...or so they tell me.  Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

That, and I think it's a pretty cool play on words. 

Anyway, I plan to spend this year getting my publishing company, New Renaissance Ink, off the ground, and publishing at least two works this fall, one of which will be the Second Edition of The Other Side of 30; but gracious alive, it's a lot of work.  I'm working with a few authors already, talking mostly, at this point; but I hope that one of their books will be among the two that I publish this year.  I've also got two nonfiction pieces bouncing around in my head, and maybe even a YA novel, which is totally new territory for me.  I believe I've got the ducks lined up (couldn't think of a time cliche for that one), and I'm trying to move deliberately, if a bit tentatively, just to increase my chances of producing the best possible work for my readers and for myself.

All that said, I'm still learning to build platforms, audiences, brand recognition and all of that stuff that only writers care about.  From this point forward, I hope to deliver words on this screen that readers care about.  I'm building it, readers.  Please come.

One of my brain children is to create an experimental blog segment and discussion forum, through comments and/or messages, as a Subject Matter Expert on the Art of Being Single.  After all, The Other Side of 30 is basically about the life of a single girl, Sebrina Cooper, that goes awry, to put it mildly.

Let's see.  That makes the acronym SMEABS.  Hmmmh.  That needs work.

But if I don't know shit else, I know how to be single.  And write.  And  having done both for so long, I've gotten better than pretty good at them.

Maybe I'm supposed to remind as many others as possible, that being single is a conscious choice, not a chronic condition.  And that's it's not the end of the world.  On the other side of 30, 40, or beyond.  Well, I don't know anything much about beyond yet, but you get the point.  Maybe this is how I build my platform and readership, but also help some people along the way.  Sebrina Cooper should have had the benefit of a SMEABS.

I've pretty much mastered being single, and all without the benefit of heavy medication or restraining orders.  I've kept my hair and most of my sanity.  That takes finesse.  Skill.  Okay, less skill and more life experience.  And a lot of perspective.  A dash of good genes, sure.  Of course, a good portion of grace and gummi bears.

I mean, there has to be a really good reason for my being over 40, never been married, no kids, well-educated, pretty, and having dropped into and avoided more than my fair share of emotional pitfalls.  But on the other side of all that, I have built a pretty comfortable life, maintained a steady career, and I'm living the drama-free life to which we all (at least say that we) aspire.

Just maybe being a SMEABS (Trying to get the name to grow on me) is part of my purpose.
Anyway, if you or someone you know may benefit from some perspective and life experience, please tune in here often.  We'll see how this thing pans out.

Whatever I do with the time I have left in this year and the rest of my life, I want to contribute something to making someone else's situations or circumstances better, their decisions are little more informed, and maybe their chances a little less risky.  *Sigh*

Opportunity, here I come knocking.

There is more to come.  I will be more active on this blog.  That's not a resolution.  It's a lifestyle change. ;)

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