Guest Post #1: The Power of Questions
Written by
Julia Barry
January 2012
Written by
Julia Barry
January 2012

I'm thrilled to be your guest blogger this week! I'll share inspiration of all sorts that combine women, writing, and tech. I'll throw in some of my thoughts too, and I'm especially interested to hear yours. 

Let's start off with the power of ASKING QUESTIONS.

If you're like me, many of your thoughts start with "what if?" or "how to?". I enjoy asking questions. They keep life interesting, lead to aha moments, connect to new and wonderful people, and keep creative juices flowing.

It's part of my job as a media and web consultant to constantly be learning, and to keep imagining what might be possible if I tried something new. Much of the time, that means asking and learning with friends and colleagues as well. I'll bet this is true for you too as a writer, editor, publisher, reader, perhaps even mom...

Collective knowledge and learning is an exciting way to delve into and challenge the best of what's out there--especially for those of us in technological and creative fields that evolve under our noses.

If you're pondering a challenge or innovative vision, chances are someone else is too, and we can all benefit from learning together. (Did you know that most inventions are created by multiple people at the same historical moment? I learned that from RadioLab, a podcast based around the exploration of questions. Fascinating!) A zest for inquiry combined with experimentation, dialogue, and growth can be a recipe for everything from scientific breakthroughs to excellent novels.


Ready to create spaces where we can be curious, ask questions with trusted colleagues, and explore solutions together?

I am. 

So ask away! What stymies, inspires, stumps, and challenges you about tech and social media? 

You can ask right here in the comments. Or, use my guest blogging week as encouragement to get more interactive online, and post to your She Writes status too, even link that to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I'm all ears...and so are your 18,000 She Writes compatriots. Now that's a lot of brainpower.

Julia Barry is a Web and Social Media consultant, musician, and all-around feminist.

She will address your questions in her upcoming tech advice column, Tech Concierge Desk, as well as in her Tech Tidbits Enews' Question of the Week Feature and She Writes Tech Concierge Community.

Not sure what this is all about? Check out Julia's post about her new tech goodies on She Writes. And feel free to contact her via SheWrites or find out more information on 


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  • Julia Barry

    Thanks for the great comments and questions! I'll be sure to throw my two cents in about them on my upcoming Tech Concierge Desk column!

  • Tina Hoggatt

    I read a post from a writer's blog yesterday who was totally frustrated with managing her social media obligations - though she didn't refer to them this way. She had dutifully kept up with her blog, kept up Facebook and had created an author page on Facebook. But few of her followers 'liked' the author page. How did she get people to visit that page without sounding like a carnival barker? Was it necessary? And what about Google+? Was it worth it? Bad not to have a presence? She also wasn't sure if she was using Googreads effectively. My sense is pick a few sites that you really enjoy and work them diligently, don't engage if it's no fun for you and regularly review your sites for interaction and feedback, to see if they are worth the time. But the feeling of missing out or not doing what you should is a horrible one. How to manage and prioritize?

  • Mary L. Holden

    The juxtaposition of love and social media. I am all out to put the "So" and the "Me" back into "social media!"

    Here is a poem about it that I posted on my blog at Open Salon:

    The Internet

    Does rise above

    The humanness

    Of 3D love.


    Electric ease

    Of message text

    Deceives and leaves

    You undersexed!


    Feel your madness

    That stain, that taint--

    Silence, cad-ness

    That worries paint.


    A comment poem

    Will witness this

    And wish for you

    A real-life kiss.

  • Meg Waite Clayton

    I love connecting on shewrites because it's about the writing rather than marketing, Julia. But I find a lot of interaction on a lot of social networks seems to be an attempt to sell books. Are there any statistics on whether social media can be used to effectively market?