Meditations on 2012
Written by
Gina Paese
January 2012
Written by
Gina Paese
January 2012

2012. My first blog. I've always wanted to write for a deeper purpose. I've always written in my journal. It's been a method of maintaining my sanity since I've been able to write. From the "books" I wrote in kindergarten about my family, to my travel diary of our first trip to Walt Disney World in Florida, to my locked pink diary of secrets, to spiral notebooks that I slipped between my mattress, and now to my researcher's field log, a special moleskin leather journal that I keep my notes/fears/ideas/questions/ramblings in as I collect data for my dissertation. I think I am addicted to journals.

I said I've always wanted to write for a deeper purpose. What deeper purpose does blogging serve, if it is to serve a deeper one than the journals I've described. For one, I have a longing to share my ideas. There is reward in acknowledgement of my ideas, a conversation that can be kept going, as one of my students described to me (this is why I always tirelessly write comments on my 98 students' essays each month. exhausting. But I know it gives their writing a deeper purpose, because they've told me.) For another, it is chance for me to read and acknowledge the ideas of others, expand my thoughts and inspiration, to learn, to network, even. There is a sense of spirituality that comes with belonging to a community of like-minded, interest-sharing individuals. Finally, it is something to do for me, and only for me. Not for work, for my dissertation, but for me. My students keep their own writers' notebooks, where they can fill the pages with anything they desire. This is my writers' notebook. It's more than a place for me to write whatever I desire. It's a place for me to fill a piece of my life that has been empty for a bit, and that is my spirit of play, my spirit of creation, my spirit of my individuality.

Happy New Year. Here's to a year filled with writing, play, creation, and spirituality.

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