Do you recognize post-holiday depression?
Written by
Renee Ann Smith
December 2011
Written by
Renee Ann Smith
December 2011

Now that Christmas is over, are you feeling a little down?  Do you find yourself wanting to cry for no reason? Do you feel a longing for something you can’t quite put into words? You’re probably suffering from a case of the after Christmas blues.

Not so sure? Here’s a quiz for you. Consider the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: You’re healthy and have a stable job, but you’re vaguely dissatisfied and often lonely. You spent weeks dreading the holiday. Your Christmas celebration fell flat. You’re certain that everyone else you know—the folks you work with, your neighbors and friends—all are happier than you are.

Scenario 2: You have a happy marriage and loving family. You spent weeks planning the perfect holiday. Your Christmas celebration was lovely and meaningful. The meal was the best you’d ever produced. You spent time with your family without any major outbreaks or fighting.

Question: Which of these scenarios will most likely lead to a good case of post-holiday blues?

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