For You Have Meant So Much

Hello SheWriter friends,

This week's blog post is for You. For you have befriended me here, have liked a post or two, have written encouraging and kind words, and have shared your time with a fellow writer.

So I'd like to send thanks to you.

"Since leaping into online reading/writing community boards about six months ago, I've made new friends: fellowmen and women who love stories and Art, real people so physically distant from me who speak crisply about their dreams and insecurities and passion. With several of them, we have become close. 

I know we aren’t at the tight, intimate, heart-pouring stage of friendship, but I have felt a river-like connection with many of you. We have ‘met,’ left comments on each other’s blogs, and chatted in snippets of honesty. 

We have shared time. We have shared books. We have shared parts of ourselves. Our fellowship is heartfelt ...

{Please carry on reading here: I hope you like the bunch of lovelies I've wished for you!}"




Let's be friends

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  • Gueh Yanting, Claudine

    You're most welcome, Fiona. Looking forward to River of Stones. See you there!

  • Satya Robyn

    Thanks for your thanks, Claudine. Good to be in touch!