It's a Wonderful Life Online

I've started looking at performing artists and how we can learn from them about connecting with people online.

Movie actors and musicians in recording studios have to emotionally connect through crazy obstacles like: Technical people watching, measuring, and adjusting Having to breathe life into something from a sound booth instead of a stage with props Having no audience for chemistry or immediate feedback

How do they do it? Is it just dumb luck or a naturally high dose of charisma? They practice, get feedback, and refine their craft, always sensitive to their audience.

In 1946 Jimmy Stewart starred in one of this season's most cherished movies: It's a Wonderful Life. Everybody remembers that Jimmy played the leading male role. Nobody remembers that Donna Reed played the female lead role. It's a Wonderful Life

Look at their picture. Even though Donna's part was much smaller, she was a beautiful woman and could have stolen scenes with her onstage presence and gorgeous looks. Jimmy wasn't such a looker. But he sure knew how to express genuine feeling even though it might have been his 20th take on the same scene. When you express your thoughts with honest emotion you create a more wonderful life online.

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