Youtube video of my book launch of my poetry collection All This

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If you have a chance, please view the video of my book launch and reading from my poetry collection All This at Book Passage in Corte Madera:

Indicative of the title, the poems range from the conventional lyric/narrative that captures an intense moment of emotion, an epiphany glimpsed briefly out of the corner of the eye, to the more experimental. Some of the poetry use intertextuality, language from other works, to explore meaning, perception, and layers of experience. Other poems play with language, letting it lead into unexpected places, exploring new terrain. In a few, placement on the page conveys the feel of musical notation and phrasing, the page a theatre where the interaction of language makes meaning rather than recreates a remembered event. At times, words in a poem are treated as paint and the sheet of paper as an expressionistic canvas.

Editorial Reviews

From the Back Cover

"There's a restlessness to Lily Mackenzie's poetry that might properly be
called 'curiosity' -- the eye alert in its socket, the ear straining to register.
'The vaults// of syllables' pour out their riches: a delectation of sky, a
rampage of color, the sweet sting of mortality. From Mendocino to the
Sea of Marmara to the Mexican highlands, these poems are afoot in the
Whitman sense, and wonderfully 'chewy'--deeply figured and sonically
dense. Or let's say they sink their teeth into experience, lap it right up,
'night splitting/ open and spilling// its milk.' In other words, what we have
here is poetic sustenance."

~Aaron Schurin, Academic Director for the University of San Francisco's
MFA program.

"The poems in Lily Iona McKenzie's All This are an engrossing atlas of
both geographical and emotional landscapes. They move from Canada to
California, from the body to bereavement, from poetry to politics, from
loss to love and back again. These innovative poems resonate because,
miraculously, their topographies feel both familiar and new. We love living
in them."

~Dean Rader, former Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences and current
professor of English at the University of San Francisco.

About the Author

A Canadian by birth, Lily Iona MacKenzie has taught expository and creative writing, the humanities, and English, at the University of San Francisco (USF) and other Bay Area colleges for over 20 years. She also was co-creator of a radio show for children on the former KTIM in Marin County for two years. A former chair of Marin Poetry Center, she has served on other Marin non-profit boards and is vice-president of the part-time faculty union at USF. Her poetry, critical and personal essays/articles, travel pieces, and short fiction have appeared in numerous U.S. and Canadian publications. She also has completed four novels that are seeking publishers. Her poem "Pursuing Ay" won first prize in a Canadian poetry contest, she received third place in the Portia Steele non-fiction contest for "The Call," she received honorable mention in "Focus on Writers Contest," Friends of the Library, Sacramento, for a short story, "Biting Through," and she was a finalist in the Marin Art's Council poetry grants competition. Also, the first chapter of her novel Fling received an honorable mention from 1100 entries in the novel category of the "Focus on Writers Contest," Friends of the Library, Sacramento. In her spare time, she keeps a dream journal, gardens, works out at the gym, and paints. Follow Lily on her blog: lilyionamackenzie.

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