Exorcising Futility: A Swift Kick in the Pants

Sometimes we'd rather chase tiny details than confront the job at hand.

Exorcising Futility

We tell ourselves that we're just researching, mulling over, chewing on, meditating, or contemplating, and that you can never have too much important information to:

  • Write a guest post
  • Finally re-write that outdated "About Me" page on your site. Oops! That's me!
  • Make an important business decision
  • Move forward with that exciting project
  • Get your site content developed
  • Customize your Social Profiles
  • Write another 1,000 pages in that book
  • Create a practical Social Marketing Strategy


I know. I can just hear it:

But there are just too many important details to think about before I move forward!

We're friends, right? I'm just going to lay it on the line and tell you that over-analyzing never got anybody anywhere they wanted to be. In fact, it blocks you from getting what you want, whether it's a fitter physique or a vibrant social presence online.

On the day you were born did your Mom buy all the clothes you would need until you graduated from high school?

Family Fashion Disaster

If she did, I sincerely apologize for bringing up bad memories. It would have been horrible to wear outdated, out of season, odd-fitting clothes because your Mom was trying to plan ahead and get every detail right way in advance.

Let's not do the same thing with your online presence, OK?

With the magic of WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and every other social networking site out there you can change your copywriting any time you please. This isn't brain surgery and you get to learn as you go. Nobody dies.

     Yes, it IS important to have a strategy before you launch into every network and start blogging.

     Yes, it IS important to identify your target audience so you don't disperse your message so widely that it gets lost.

     Yes, it IS important to be accurate and observe best practices.

But, let's not kid ourselves into thinking that fretting is going to move you any further into getting the online attention you richly deserve for your hard work. It costs you valuable time and momentum.

Don't sweat the small stuff in 2012 and soar!!

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