Holiday stress-even Gingy feels it!
Written by
Kathryne Arnold
December 2011
Written by
Kathryne Arnold
December 2011

Holiday stress is everywhere, the season seems to have become more overwhelming, hectic, and excessive with each passing year. Gingy, the beloved gingerbread man from the engaging Shrek movies, has also appeared in two delightful holidays shows. But alas, half the time poor Gingy seems bombarded by all the holiday stimuli and gatherings, the sheer stress of it all. He does revel, however, in sharing his personal “scary” stories about Christmas and Halloween with the other adorable Shrek characters. Well, if even a delectable animated gingerbread character can feel the pain, then maybe somehow that justifies my intermittent insane behavior and frenzied feelings around this time of the year. Of course, I don’t have to be concerned about baking in an oven or having my leg bit off, but life during the holidays can sometimes feel as frantic and frightening as that! 

So what is important, of course, is for us to pace ourselves, try to focus on the significance of the holidays, whichever way or one you celebrate. It’s so easy to get caught up in the craziness of it all, the whirlwind of gift shopping, tree decorating, cookie baking, and bargain hunting, that we lose the reason why we’re supposed to be doing this is in the first place. Remember that well-turned phrase, “the reason for the season.” Seems to me a lot of individuals don’t even know why we celebrate Christmas, like they forgot or maybe never even learned. No matter what your spiritual or personal beliefs, let us not forget that this should be a time of gratitude, of loving one another, of forgiveness, of miracles, both big and small. Cherish the moments you have with loved ones, and celebrate like this could be your last go around, because indeed it could, or that of a loved one. This year, I’m again living that reality, as many others are. It’s something that can cling to you in heaviness, another empty plate at the dinner table, so to speak. But it helps to concentrate on the wonderful memories that we can relive countless times upon will. Love, in whatever shape or relationship, we can always celebrate. Let this serve as a reminder to us all — may we recognize our blessings, thank one another for being in our lives, and for sharing treasured times of joy and hope and faith and love.

Peace to all!

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