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  • Where Else Should You be Online?? Using Cyberland to Your Advantage...
Where Else Should You be Online?? Using Cyberland to Your Advantage...
Written by
Jan Fischer Wade
December 2011
Written by
Jan Fischer Wade
December 2011

So, you have a facebook and twitter account, but where else should you be online to increase your name recognition and promote youself and your book??  Here are some great sites I have found: (Remember, the more places you are in cyberworld, the greater your marketability!  (Note:  These are all FREE!!)


General Sites - not geared specifically towards writing or books:

LinkedIn - make professional connections and network

Youtube - share videos

MySpace - connect with friends

Tumblr - information sharing site

StumbleUpon - information sharing site

Chime In- similar to tumblr and StumbleUpon

Connect.me- you 'vouch' for people - in beta phase, but looks promising.


Sites geared towards writers and books:

Of course, we are here at SheWrtes which has over 17,500 members!!  Make sure to join groups that interest you or coincide with your purpose.  You can find almost any resource you need, so before resorting to google, check around here first, where you can find a broad range of extremely useful information!

Bookblogs has over 14,500 members as of today and many great groups as well.  It's format is very similar to SheWrites so you don't need to learn a whole new format.  They are also a wonderful resource for information on numerous topics for writers, readers, and people in the biz.

Shelfari (by Amazon) is another social community, but it is set up differently than the sites above.  It seems more geared towards readers, but there are also groups for writers and others.  You will need to spend some time setting up your profile. I couldn't find a member count, but they have a ton of members.  Once you are published, you can get a special 'author' tag. Similar sites are Goodreads, LibraryThing and WeRead.

WriteSocial.com is a site geared more towards craft.  According to their site:  "WriteSocial.com is a community where writers of all types can submit and review written material. Learn more about your craft with daily feeds consisting of news and advice on various styles of writing. Get feedback from fellow WriteSocial members consisting of established and amateur writers. Create and/or join writing groups to discuss and further your development as a writer."  I do not have experience with them, does anyone out there know more?  Is this site helpful?

I just recently joined the community at Writer's Digest.  It is very similar to BookBlogs and SheWrites as well. I believe it has over 10,000 members and the groups are good too. 

WritersCafe has a large following (one poetry group alone had over 12,000 members).  I just joined them and haven't done anything yet, but it looks very similar to BookBlogs, but with an added "my writing" component where you can post stuff you write and can search others' writings too. It has other features too, like free courses - and you can post your own courses!  

I am also a member of JacketFlap.  It is geared towards YA and children's lit. I like this site because it can link to your blog and automatically updates it!  It is easy to maneuver around and you can add lots of stuff in your page. According to their site, "JacketFlap is a comprehensive resource for information on the children's book industry. Thousands of published authors, illustrators, librarians, agents, editors, publicists, and publishers visit JacketFlap every day."  They also claim to have the world's largest database of information on publishers of children's books. This is a place worth checking out!

YALITCHAT is also very similar to SheWrites in how it is set up.  If you are in the YA market, this site would be good for you. 



Kindle Boards



Other Sites:

Cafe Press: Start your own store!

Paper.li - Start your own newspaper!


SMPK - Social Marketing Press Kit (NOT free - it is I believe $10.95)




Gaia Online

Google Buzz



If you are out on any of the sites mentioned, look me up and friend me!  What other sites do you recommend??  Any that you would avoid?

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  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Sorry Brenda! Didn't mean to send anyone into cardiac arrest!!!  : )

  • Brenda Moguez

    As before, amazing list and after I stop ventilating--kidding, but only just--I will digest. It's such an exciting time for writers--hard still--but there are options aplenty.  Thanks kindly for sharing.

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Thanks Rossandra! I'll have to check those sites out!!! Cheers! Jan

  • Rossandra White

    Fabulous resources, as ever, Jan.  I am busy checking out WoMen's Literary Cafe "where authors and writers meet," to promote your book.  And The Women's Nest. 

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Thank you all for commenting! Thanks for adding Scribd Bridget! I forgot about that one!

    Allyson - thanks for mentioning Speakeasy, I'll have to check that one out! And I agree about Myspace - their time has kind of come and gone....

    KL - I'll make sure to find you on the sites you are on, unless I have already! : )

    Krista - Thanks for stopping by today - thanks for the kudos!

    Everyone have a great week! Jan

  • Krista Kedrick

    A wonderfully helpful post as always.  There are several of these that I hadn't heard of and a couple that  I already use or at least knew they existed.  Keep up the good posting :P

  • Bridget Straub

    I think I'm on Writerscafe but forgot about it. There's Scribd which has a ton of people but i'm still trying to figure it out. A Christmas story I put up has over 1800 reads but the others I have posted have had technical problems when uploading them and I'm not sure they are getting seen as well.

  • I'm involved in Jacketflap, YaLitChat, Writer's Digest, Goodreads, and Bookblogs. If anyone joins these, feel free to friend me, and I will accept your friendship. Thanks for sharing all these, Jan. Some I had never heard of!