SheWrites Video Moment #11: Moon
Written by
Kathleen Sweeney
December 2011
Written by
Kathleen Sweeney
December 2011

So here it is, full moon time on the horizon with an incredible red moon view at dawn tomorrow for those living on the West Coast of the United States or Australia. That leaves us New Yorkers to dream via video metaphor, so here's a recent Bjork video to commemorate the experience (they won't see the eclipse in Iceland, either...) Take a look at "Moon"'s wild and quirky, and her wig even matches the imminent eclipse....


Bjork has always fascinated me as a larger than life art visionary. Her newest album is no exception to the expansion of visual and musical vocabularies. What I love about Bjork lies in her fearless willingness to risk-take creatively with a "why not" child-like openness...Oh, and I once drove by her house in Reykjavik, which faces the ocean....(fan-tastic)...


And for the bonafide NASA geeks in the crowd, here's their version of the events tomorrow...have a great time eclipsing the moment (no doubt you'll be writing about it!)

--Kathleen Sweeney is a vlogger, web content producer (, and author (Maiden USA) who teaches Media Studies and Creativity at The New School, NY. A Preferred Provider of video services for SheWriters, she recently produced the book trailer for the young adult novel, Hooked.

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