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  • Bursting With Creative Energy! (And the Dark Side?)
Bursting With Creative Energy! (And the Dark Side?)
Written by
December 2011
Written by
December 2011

Nowadays “creativity” has become such a buzzword, it’s no longer something relegated to the fringes of society, but becoming more and more an integral aspect of surviving in a tough economic climate. Whether it’s innovating a new solution to an old, pesky problem to writing a blog post, to even traditionally analog activities like drawing–creativity is in. Tips on how to improve and increase creativity abound, from Behance to the Harvard Business Review Blog.

Behance’s 99% blog shares “8 Counter-Intuitive Ways to Improve Your Well-Being & Creativity.“ As if we didn’t know it already, they remind us that sadness is a prime catalyst for creativity, though I would also argue it’s probably the main reason that creative ideas don’t come to fruition. After writing my last post on feeling like an outsider, my mom sent me something on “The Upside of Being an Outsider.” It’s interesting how Lisa explains that these feelings often begin in childhood, asking the so-called deep questions and pondering life’s big mysteries, while most kids are riding their bikes, blissfully unaware.


Read the rest of this post, on my blog here: bit.ly/uY7rmb


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