Author Alert: How to design a book cover
Written by
Komal Mansoor
November 2011
Written by
Komal Mansoor
November 2011

Hello friends,


Authors: Here is my latest blog post on designing book covers on your own using cheap tools. I hope you will find it helpful. While you are there, tell me in the comment section, which one of the two covers you like the most. Here is the link:


Readers/bloggers: Also, as you all know, I am planning a lot of giveaways (which means lots of free books!) for my lovely followers for the whole month of December. Yay!!!I am so excited to start this “holiday season” with this HUGE giveaway! Check out the prize pack of these 4 (FOUR) tempting YA E-books:

To enter this giveaway, go to this link:




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