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November 2011
Written by
November 2011

I have been sorting through a lot of the clutter that has gathered on my computer.  I think I have more articles and emails and groups related to writing than actual written projects ~ I need to get to the process of writing (well FINISHING!) and spend less time on these areas.  That said: I have stumbled across a lot of different "fun" things while cleaning things out and figured I would add a few (is that defeating the purpose?  Maybe but I'm doing it anyway. lol!)


A friend sent this to me (thanks Jan!):


Lessons From a Lifetime of Writing by David Morrell. In the first chapter he explains how he wrote a letter to a screeplaywriter for the TV show Route 66 and, to his amazement, received a reply. Included in the reply was this statement on how to become a writer:

If you want to be a writer, the secret is to write, write, write and keep writing. Eventually you'll find other people who want to be writers. You'll trade ideas with them. You'll critique one another's work. Keep writing. When you think you have something of merit, send it out. Chances are, the first items you submit won't be accepted, but you can't be discouraged. Keep writing. One day, if you have something of promise to say, somebody somewhere will see it and become excited and help you. It's just that simple, and that terribly difficult.


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