What makes one happy?
Written by
Elena Ornig
November 2011
Written by
Elena Ornig
November 2011

What makes one happy- something that you want and get or the something that you already have and are able to appreciate? The something that you want and get – involves two steps.

First, you have to understand and decide what you want, exactly, and then pursue it till you get it. This is risky but exciting. It has thrilling energy in the act of persuasion, but what if you will never get what you want? Isn’t it depressing to even think about it?

What if the concept of what you want will be lost in the process of identification? What if a dream, an idea of having something or somebody, will never be yours? What is the point then to even go that way?

What is the point of leaving yourself open to that depressing and disappointing possibility to never understand what you want or to never get what you know you want? Wouldn’t it be better to just learn to appreciate what you have? Wouldn’t this be a happier ending if all what you have to do is to look around and see what you already have? What do you have?

A car? No!

A house? No, just renting!

Loved one? Didn’t meet, yet…

What about life? Are you still breathing?

Are you still able to smell, taste, see, move, think, talk and feel; If not all, at least some of them? Aren’t you seeing the sky, sun, plants, animals and people around you? Aren’t you feeling the wind brushing your hair, making you feel cold, hot or steamy? Isn’t that enough?


Is this really enough? Hmmm…

Last week I was staying with my friend at her sister’s house which is not hers, in reality. She and her husband are the caretakers of a luxuries property in the Hinterland. A gorgeous villa, surrounded by 80 acres of pristine nature, – the real heaven on Earth! It doesn’t matter if you scream – nobody will hear you. With all its fascinating beauty and comfort it is a perfect setting for Steven King’s weird imagination when contrast between peacefulness and madness strikes you behind with the axe. Ouch!

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