"Driving Under the Influence of Adele (DUIA)"
Written by
Laura Zigman
November 2011
Written by
Laura Zigman
November 2011

I'll be brief:




I especially love "Someone Like You," a song I discovered about a month ago when her new music video (shot in Paris, in black and white) was released. Watching Adele sing in that video, and watching her in the previous video -- shot in her home -- brought back memories of the major epic life-changing game-changing heartbreak that inspired me to write Animal Husbandry. I knew that if that song had been available in 1989 when I was writhing around in mental pain and anguish, I would have stayed on my What-Will-Become-of-Me? couch and listened to it all day, every day, until the cassette-tape wore out. 

I love the irony that this song has the same title as the movie version of Animal Husbandry --"Someone Like You" (starring Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman. The one that's always on cable.) And believe me when I say I was tempted to sneak into the Mass General Hospital last week when Adele was recovering from vocal-chord surgery to catch a glimpse of her (I live in Boston).

Feel free to share how much you love Adele, too.

And which songs you belt out in your car when you're alone, too.

And what songs are on your heart-break break-up play list (what we used to call "mix tape.)

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  • Jessica Vealitzek

    This is an old post but had to say, when I first heard this song on the radio a couple of months ago I was in my car. I pulled over in a gas station and just listened to it--completely moved to the point I couldn't move. That's never happened to me before! LOVE her.

  • Regina Y. Swint

    @Jennifer...Wow.  In that case, I don't know that I can do much more Adele right now.  I almost slipped and cried the other night, and that surprised me.  And no, it's not a hormonal thing.  :)  Her talent is really impressive though, since I heard her say that she's only been seriously singing for a short time, that she didn't come from a musical background, but picked up singing by mimicking singers that she'd heard growing up.  I think that's pretty cool.

  • Jennifer Harris

    "Set Fire to the Rain," Adele...one of the most powerful songs. Tough to sing in cars though... the angst...and heartbreak at its core...might scare my fellow drivers. So, these days...I am sticking to country music (Sugarland and Zac Brown Band serve me well)...oh and the soundtrack from "GLEE." 


  • Laura Zigman

    I know, Anne. I was just blown away the first time I saw/heard her sing it. The word is so overused sometimes, but she's so "raw" -- and completely human and real. Painful to watch her sing it -- but in a good way!

  • Anne Faulkner

    I first heard this song when Adele performed it on the MTV Music Awards a few weeks ago. She looked so heartbroken and lonely when she sang it and those emotions really come through even when I hear it on the radio.

  • Laura Zigman

    I know, Regina. The song, when I first heard it (watched the video, actually), totally triggered me. It was like Time Travel to a destination I, too, didn't want to go back to! But she's amazing. IMHO.

  • Regina Y. Swint

    Too late!  I should have read the warning before I listened to her.  Something in those words actually haunted me.  Almost sent me to a place that I'd swore I'd never go back to.  Such places are to be revisited in fiction only.  She is rather good, isn't she?

  • Laura Zigman

    Thanks Regina! But beware: once you listen to Adele, you'll be singing it in your car, too! (And interesting how 1989 was The Year of Heartbreak for both of us!)

  • Regina Y. Swint

    Thanks.  That was great.  :)  Going to check out the Adele song now.  1989 was a hard year for me, too, coincidentally.  Young love.  *sigh*

  • Laura Zigman

    Thanks, Armine!

  • Armine Petrosyan

    It's cool.


  • Laura Zigman

    Thanks, Teresa! (And you can get AH on Amazon for like, fifty cents!)

  • Teresa J. Rhyne

    "...Facebook and Twitter and marriage." I'm still laughing. Hilarious. Also, now ordering "Animal Husbandry."!!

  • Patricia A. McGoldrick

    What a powerful song! Thanks for sharing the link!

  • Laura Zigman

    Thank you, Evalyn! I knew I couldn't possibly be the ONLY one singing in my car and weeping! 

  • Evalyn Lee

    Oh thank you for this video! I adore Adele too!  Swerve my car singing my guts out!  Thank you. It is so great, true and very very funny!  Bravo.