Hearing My Own Voice: Storyteller
Written by
Kate Cone
November 2011
Written by
Kate Cone
November 2011

I have been writing my novel in progress, in some form, since 1986. I had two small children, ages 5 and 1, had thought about writing creatively for a very long time, and finally put words to paper. I still have that ancient document, printed from our Apple II C computer. Was it dot matrix printing?


Anyway, in the intervening years, I keep telling myself, I got remarried,moved to Maine,  had a third child, wrote a non-fiction book about beer, took the Bar Exam twice, failed twice, managed like the CEO of Pepsi the lives of three active children, their doctors', orthodontist's visits, band, math team, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, softball games and practices and tournaments, often scribbling legal briefs and notes on characters' motives on the same legal pad. Oh, and I also got an MFA in Creative Writing and a big fat student loan.


Last week, I gave my first public reading from my novel. My husband helped me time the piece, last-minute, of course. I chose the first chapter with a flashback to follow. It was hellaciously great...for me. It was so enthusiastically received, I blushed. The important thing for me was that for the first time, even though something was pulling me through this process, some faith I had in the story and trust that the characters deserved equal time on the page, for the first time, I GOT IT. I heard my voice standing in for the characters and it all made sense.


So I am starting a new full-time job in 2 days and I'm tense. I don't want to abandon the project, wait til I'm on my deathbed to voice one more regret. I am vowing, taking a silent stand with my characters, to finish this novel and get the story told.

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  • Jessica Vealitzek

    Good for you, Kate. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it!