Reflections on Insanity
Written by
Shanae\' Brown
November 2011
Written by
Shanae\' Brown
November 2011

In the days leading up to our demise, I watched helplessly as my soul spilled a continuous stream of wishful thoughts and never-ending regrets that those thoughts would remain only ruminations. Spilled the contents of my heart so deeply cased that it literally hurt to breathe in and out, each beat belabored by the sudden lack of sustenance. I drained that whole week.

Sent emails urging your heart to look towards mine again. Urging you to see the vision of us that I so plainly saw each day as I rose and your name entered my morning. Nothing worked. Only the pain of rejection could have so forcefully made me see myself and the utter self-damage I was doing. Only so forcefully could that rejection make me then disdain the very name that had brought me joy and love and peace and good times.  

In those days, before our untimely end, I bled saline tears, soaked fibers of stiff collars and old Hampton U t-shirts with your scent still lingering on them. I laced up new Nikes and tried to outrun averted phone calls and memories of apathetic eyes gazing without care, to some brighter spot in the distance. I purged, bled near-death the love once vital, left a stained path for you to follow.

But you never did.


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